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Stomp in Manila

I want to watch this:

There will only be 8 shows, and they will run from 18 October to 23 October 2011. Unfortunately for me, they will be held in the main theater of the CCP (Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo) — in other words, if I really want to watch Stomp, I will need to purchase the more expensive orchestra tickets otherwise my acrophobia will kick in. Even with the 40% family bundle discount, a weekday ticket in the orchestra section will end up costing me approximately PhP3500 (computed assuming I can convince 2 other people to join me).

But still, it seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up. I still remember watching the Yamato taiko show back in 2010, and it was amazing (and free. Thank you, Japanese Embassy!). Hmm…

You can go here to find out more/purchase tickets to the show. You get more information on Stomp on their website.

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Party planning

We’re only two weeks away from Meia’s first big public event – her baptismal celebration. It’s crazy, we have more guests now than we did at our wedding! So much so that we had to split the celebrations – we have a lunch to be attended by mostly family, family friends, and friends from work, and a merienda for our other friends.

I hope everything turns out great. I’m not much of a party person so I have limited experience hosting parties (limited = 1, our wedding). So far I have the following:

  1. Church
  2. Venue for lunch and merienda
  3. Food for both (comes with tables and chairs)
  4. Decor for lunch
  5. Photographer for the baptism itself and lunch
  6. Cake (will most likely be eaten during lunch)
  7. Gifts for sponsors
  8. Meia’s baptismal gown
  9. Candles

I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Oh well, whatever it is, I hope it’s not important.


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