Meia’s Baptism

02 Oct

Three weeks after Meia’s baptism, I’ve finally finished sorting through all her gifts. The house is less of a mess and I can now proceed to other baptism related things, such as writing this entry.

Meia had her baptism last 11 September 2011 in Christ the King parish. Despite the rains the past few days, the weather thankfully cooperated that Sunday.

Meia was also on her best behavior. She ate on time, napped on time, and we were able to leave the house on time. Meia usually hates it when we wet her head during her baths, so Pao and I were expecting her to throw a fit when the priest poured water over her head. Well, being the contrary bear that she is, she was perfectly calm and was staring at the priest right in the eye when water came flowing down.

I'm looking at you, Father.

Afterwards, we went on to host the first out of 2 receptions. Lunch in Valle Verde 4 clubhouse was for our relatives and our parents’ friends.

Brown and orange theme, a carry over from our wedding's colors

We then proceeded to Q Bistro for merienda for our own friends.

We were so tired from the first reception, we forgot to take pictures of the second! (facepalm) But food was really good during both parties, if I may say so myself. Of course, the runaway winner is Q’s roast beef, a gift from the executive chef who happens to be Pao’s good friend from law school. I just wish I had a picture of the roast beef to show you. 😦

Here's our picture with the executive chef instead. And yes, we forgot to include Meia when we were taking this picture @_@

Again, thank you so much to our family and friends for spending their Sunday afternoon with us and for their generous gifts.

And teaching Meia the value of material things :p


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