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I Finally Get It

It’s been a hectic couple of days for our household. Paolo has been in the hospital for the past 4 days. According to the doctor, it may take at least 3 more days before he gets discharged — that’s assuming his current medication works. I rushed him to the ER last Monday because he had a 39.1 fever. We were about to be sent home then but right before he was to be given his discharge papers, his fever hit a whopping 39.9. Since then, we found out that Pao has pneumonia on both lungs, sinusitis, high sugar, and possible dengue. I say possible because we’re still watching his platelets. They’re currently below normal, but not yet at levels wherein we’re sure it’s dengue.

On my end, I’m juggling taking care of Paolo during the day and coming home to take care of Meia during the night. I’m also not a 100% — I really think Paolo got the virus from me, it’s just that mine didn’t develop into a pneumonia but just became acute pharyngitis, whatever that means.

Aside from that, the all around maid has a sprain on her wrist which compromises her ability to lift and support heavy or moving objects, such as a very active bouncing bear. That means even though I’m tired after coming home from the hospital, I had to be the one to help the yaya bathe Meia. On the other hand, the yaya has been complaining of a bit of redness in her eyes and dizziness. I’m also currently searching for a new yaya as the current one wants to go home for good next year.

Suffice it to say, I’m not having a very good week.

It has become our ritual to nurse Meia to sleep. Tonight was no exception. As I was settling in to feed her, I was forced to focus on the task at hand and stop thinking about my worries. I was looking at her nurse sleepily when I suddenly got this feeling of calm. That everything would be alright. And for that brief moment, I was happy.

Yes, folks. I finally got it. I’d always read about how other breastfeeding moms look forward to nursing their children and how they wish they didn’t have to wean. I used to think that was silly — breastfeeding had its drawbacks after all. It was painful especially when Meia was still learning how to latch and when she finally learned to bite. It also took away what little social life that I had since I had to be pumping every 3 hours and I couldn’t go out at night. And even if I have a prescription from my EENT for my throat, I can’t take the medicine since it’ll affect the milk.

It took me 8 months and a hell of a week but I finally got it. And at that moment, I felt extremely grateful that I was given this wonderful gift to nurse my daughter.


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