Everything But the Kitchen Sink

28 Dec
I love traveling. It doesn’t matter where I go as long as I get to go. As luck would have it, I’m married to a man who prefers not to leave the comforts of home. The result: in the last 4 years, I’ve been to Singapore 5 times (or is it 6?).
Not that I’m complaining. Singapore is our happy medium: Pao is very comfortable with the city (it has Kinokinuya after all) and it also fulfills my desire to get out of Manila.

Taken in Singapore when I was 1.5 mos pregnant - look at those arms!

Before Meia, I feel the urge to travel at least 3 times a year: during my birthday week, our bf-gf anniversary week, and our wedding anniversary week.

Boracay, 15 lbs ago

Unfortunately, since I was put on bed rest last November 2010, the farthest place I’ve been to is Pasay near NAIA (and that was for a job interview!). Hindi manlang ako umabot ng Alabang! (I know it’s part of the city but you know what I mean). It’s been more than a year since I last left Manila. đŸ˜¦
So… I’ve been bugging Paolo to let me book a trip to HK with the bear. She is now the proud holder of a passport after all. Pao just keeps on looking at me like I’m insane.
And after today, I’m starting to believe that he’s right (for once).
We’ve booked a room for New Year’s Eve to get away from the smoke. December 31 is still a few days away but since I’m OC, I decided to prepare my packing list early. So far, the list is already 2 and a half pages long, with the first 2 pages devoted to Meia’s things. I have no idea how we’ll bring everything with us — did I tell you our yaya will not join us for New Year’s Eve? Lagot.
And to think we booked a hotel 15 minutes from the house.

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2 responses to “Everything But the Kitchen Sink

  1. Nathalie Velasco-Tan

    12/28/2011 at 8:55 am

    hahahaha! I can totally relate! Travelling with a little one seems exciting but once you start preparing you’d find yourself asking if it was a good idea in the first place !!! I’m always harassed the week before our trips. It’s still a fun bonding experience though. Good luck to you guys and have fun!

    • bouncingbear

      12/28/2011 at 1:44 pm

      Nats, when we finally decide to go abroad, I’ll ask you for tips. Feeling ko we’ll need the big maleta for our overnight stay this Dec 31 :p


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