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Writer’s Block

Some time ago, Pao and I were discussing about how he couldn’t write about things that were too personal. And I found that a little weird. I always found it easier to blog when I’m in the heights (or is it depths?) of my emotions. Then, this happened.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about my bad mommy day. Little did I know that that was the start of one of the worst weeks of my life. The little one contracted a viral infection a few days later. From Thursday all the way to the following Monday her fever was in the 38.5 to 40 degree zone. No, her viral infection was not related to her encounter with the electric fan. That wound quickly healed and was the least of our problems.

After 5 days of fever, an emergency room trip (where the doctors ruled out dengue, thank god), and antibiotic treatments, her fever finally broke. A week later, she’s back to her normal happy self. The week after that, she already gained  back the weight she lost. Pao and I eventually got sick, but that’s ok. Meia’s health is all that matters.

I tried writing a blow by blow account of what happened to us during that week. I thought I’d detail out what we did, what the pediatrician said, how Meia was, etc. etc. as a guide for other parents but I just couldn’t. The words  won’t come out. My recollection of that hellish week is a jumble of thoughts, feelings, and lots and lots of worrying. And praying. I don’t think I’ve ever prayed that hard before.

We love you, bear. Please don’t get sick on us again.

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