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Done is Better than Perfect

For the most part, I grew up in a very neat and organized household. My mother was very OC and had a place for everything. Nothing ever gets lost, nothing is ever wasted.

I take after my dad.

Don’t get me wrong, my dad does not lose stuff either. Except for the office files which he needs to keep track of, he dumps all his other papers in a drawer. Back when I was still in grade/high school, each summer, I would always (begrudgingly) help out my parents at home. The task I dreaded the most was cleaning my dad’s drawer and trying to make sense of the papers found inside. I would literally spend days putting everything in neat little piles. What makes the task more difficult is the knowledge that in 2 month’s time, the papers would be completely disorganized again.

Fast forward 15 years later, I am taking care of my own household. My papers – just like my father’s – are all over the place. Sure, they are all contained in a box (or two, plus a couple of envelopes over there…) but they are not categorized properly. The best way, I figure, is to put each kind of bill or receipt in an individual folder and arrange them all by date. Have you tried doing that to 4 years worth of receipts? It’s impossible.

While trying to look for organizing inspiration, I came across this poster over at Organizing Made Fun:

This will be my new mantra. I will no longer aim for perfection when it comes to cleaning and organizing the household. I have a 10 month old to look after, after all.

So armed with a new sense of purpose, I went to National Bookstore and bought myself one of these cheap expandable envelopes.

They’re ugly (hate those squares at the back – why can’t they just make it out in all black?) but I didn’t want to shell an extra PhP50 for a nicer looking one (the term “nicer” is relative. the other available folder was in tweety yellow. ugh.). The plan is to label each of the dividers for every month of the year and to put all paid bills for a given month in the designated slot. No more folder for every kind of bill. It’s faster and more efficient.

I’ll be working on our manuals and warranties next. I’ll try this tip from The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. Wish me luck!


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Life is Good

It’s been a couple of weeks since Pao was hospitalized. (He had atypical pneumonia and sinusitis. No dengue, thank god.) We were stuck in the hospital for a week and he was on bed rest for another week after that. It was a hectic 2 weeks for me, to say the least. But that’s over now. Pao is on the way to full recovery — he still gets tired but not like before.

So last Sunday we finally had our family pictorial. This was originally scheduled for November 7, but we were only being discharged from the hospital then so we had to move it back.

We just received the pictures from Sheila Catilo, and when I was going through them, I can’t help but feel how lucky I am. Let me count the ways:

I have no reason to complain. Life is good.

Thanks again, Sheila for the awesome pics!

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Stomp in Manila

I want to watch this:

There will only be 8 shows, and they will run from 18 October to 23 October 2011. Unfortunately for me, they will be held in the main theater of the CCP (Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo) — in other words, if I really want to watch Stomp, I will need to purchase the more expensive orchestra tickets otherwise my acrophobia will kick in. Even with the 40% family bundle discount, a weekday ticket in the orchestra section will end up costing me approximately PhP3500 (computed assuming I can convince 2 other people to join me).

But still, it seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up. I still remember watching the Yamato taiko show back in 2010, and it was amazing (and free. Thank you, Japanese Embassy!). Hmm…

You can go here to find out more/purchase tickets to the show. You get more information on Stomp on their website.

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